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Papanasam Sivan

Papanasam Sivan (Tamil: பாபநாசம் சிவன்) (26th September, 1890 – 10th October , 1973) was a prominent composer and singer of Carnatic music. Popularly known as Tamil Thyagayya, his kritis gained special attention after they were recited by M.S. Subbulakshmi , M.K. Thyagaraja Bhagavathar and other deccan carnatic veterans. Early Life: Papanasam Sivan was born as […]

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Bramhasri Dr. Krovi Pardha Saradhi

Dr.Krovi Pardha Saradhi Bramhasri Dr. Krovi Pardha Saradhi Garu is one of the mentors and his greatest works on Sri Vidya are enchanting and divine. His writings on Sri Vidya are so much simplied, that any common man can grasp the divine knowledge of sri vidya in a very short span of time. His lectures […]

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Siddheswari Devi

Siddheswari Devi (1907–1976) was a Hindustani singer from Varanasi, India, known as Maa (mother). Born in 1907, she lost her parents early and was brought up by her aunt, the noted singer Rajeshwari Devi. With the passing away of Siddheswari Devi on March 18 1977, the last of the four great pillars of Hindustani light […]

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Naarsi Mehta

Naarsi Mehta – (1414 – 1481) Mahatma Gandhi included in his daily prayers Narsi Mehta’s song `Vaishnava Jana to tene kahiye’. The song has become so popular that it has been rendered into almost all Indian and many non-Indian languages. Herein are idealised the virtues of a gentleman. They are so universal that every social […]

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Muthuswami Dikshitar (Sanskrit:मुत्थुस्वामी दीक्षितर, Tamil:முத்துஸ்வாமி தீக்ஷிதர)

Muthuswami Dikshitar (Sanskrit:मुत्थुस्वामी दीक्षितर, Tamil:முத்துஸ்வாமி தீக்ஷிதர)  (also known by his signature name Guruguha)  was born on March 24, 1775 (March 24, 1775– October 21, 1835) in Tiruvarur, near Tirichy, India as a fruit of long prayers by his father ramaswamy. Dikshitar, a famous singer himself. He is considered to be part of the trinity of carnatic cotemporaneous […]

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Bhadrachala Ramadasu (Telugu: భద్రాచల రామదాసు)

Kancherla Gopanna (Telugu: కంచెర్ల గోపన్న) (c 1620 – 1680 CE), popularly known as  Bhadrachala Ramadasu (Telugu: భద్రాచల రామదాసు), was a 17th century devotee of Lord Sriram and a composer of Carnatic music. He is one among the famous vaggeyakaras, in the Telugu language, the others being Tyagaraja, Annamayya, Kshetryya. He lived in the village of […]

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Salma Agha

Salma Agha (Urdu: سلمہ آغا born October 25, 1965) is a singer and actress from Pakistan who sang and acted in Indian films & Pakistani films in 1980s and early 1990s. Her first film was B.R. Chopra’s Nikaah. She won the Filmfare Best Female Playback Award in 1982 for the song “Dil ke Armaan” in […]

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Talat Aziz

Talat Aziz

Talat Aziz Talat Aziz (born 11th Nov, 1956) is a popular ghazal singer from Hyderabad, India. Early life Born in Hyderabad, India to Abdul Azeem Khan and Sajida Abid, a famous Urdu writer and poet. He went to Hyderabad Public School till the 12th standard when he finished his ISC and then joined The Indian […]

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Sayed Ahmed Rushdi

Sayed Ahmed Rushdi Ahmed Rushdi, SI, PP (Urdu: احمد رشدی: Hindi: अहमद रुश्दी April 24, 1934 – April 11, 1983) was a versatile Pakistani playback singer who worked in film music and was “an important contributor to the Golden Age of Pakistani film music.” Rushdi is acclaimed as one of the greatest singers ever lived […]

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Ustad Ahmed Hussain and Mohammed Hussain

Ustad Ahmed Hussain and Mohammed Hussain Ahmed Hussain and Mohammed Hussain (Urdu: احمد حسین اور محمد حسین | Hindi: अहमद हुसैन और मोहम्मद हुसैन (born 1951, 1953) Rajasthan, India) are ghazal singers from Jaipur, capital of Rajasthan state in India. Ahmed and Mohemmad Hussain are two brothers who sing classical ghazals. Born in Rajastan as […]

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