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Satuluri Gopalakrishnamacharya | శ్రీ సతులూరి గోపాల కృష్ణమాచార్యులు

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Sri Satuluri Gopalakrishnamacharya (Telugu: శ్రీ సతులూరి గోపాల కృష్ణమాచార్యులు)

Srimadhubhaya vendanta pravakthakacharya Sriman SATULURI GOPALAKRISHNA MACHARYA Swamy, is a familiar personality of Telugu literary grandeur.

Born to Smt.Nainaramma and Ubhaya Vedantacharya Sriman Satuluri venkatacharya swamy in  sarpavaram, nearer to Kakinada, Sriman Satuluri Venkatacharya swamy was basically a learned m an of very famous Vishishtadvaita doctrine. He not only gave the lectures on it, but also had the earnestness in the tradition. Smt. manga ayamma and Sri Satuluri kesavacharya adopted Sri Gopalakrishnamacharya
swamy, who has become a boon to their lives. In the child hood, Sri S.Gopala Krishna macharya Swamy learned poetry, drama and rheoteric literature. Simultaneously the odour of Vishishtadvaita cult smeared over the body in the presence of his parents.

He learned Tamil along with Sanskrit and Telugu as well. An admiring and affectionate glance of great men and pundits of those days was on the boy so friendly. They used to listen to the slokas, poetry and pasurams (Tamil poetry of godadevi on lord Sri Krishna) trough the young one’s sweet and melodious voice with tears of joy in their eyes. They blessed the child to produce a great voice in future with the clanging sounds of the goddess Saraswathi, and the musical melodies of bracelets of the deities through his pretty mouth by kissing on his forehead. Shall the word of great pious men be rain! Young pretty Gopalakrishnamacharya learned the tradition just like a play in the lap of his father. “Anyam na yaati hi vibhuthi rapatya bhajam” a great Sanskrit proverb has become true in the case of Sri Gopalakrishnamacharya swamy. (It means the shine or splendor of fame because of great deeds done by progecy can be earned by no other means.

He exercised authority on Ubhaya Vedanta’s even at his young age claimed the elderness in the subject by getting a very great appreciation. Young Gopalakrishna macharya swamy was honoured with “Bala Pandita” by His Holiness Jagadacharya, Padma Vibhushana Sri Kanchi Annangaracharya Swamy. Even after many things learnt from his father, he had an enthusiasm to embrace many more of knowledge, he approached the holy feet of Chancellors Ubhaya Vedanta Sriman Telikicherla Kandalai Gopalacharya Swamy for commentary on Bhagavad-Gita and Kavisabdika kesari Ubhaya vedanta Sriman Nallan Chakravartula Raghunadha charya swamy for grasping the meaning of the Vedas (Vedardha Sangraha) and also got acquaintance with philosophy (Tatva muktakaalapam) which enriched his knowledge.

To become a disciple to both Gopala desika and Raghunadha desikas itself is a greatness in the telugunadu, was achieved by him. Besides his traditional education he became a B.Com graduate with efficiency in English as well.While he was giving a lecture on Ubhaya Vendantas on a Dias in vijayanagaram, the Executive officer of Sri Simhachala Devasthanam heard him and offered the post of Hawaldar and felt successful himself. A pleasing personality to look at an audible voice to hear at a different style of reciting either a sloka or poem or pasuram, pleases to hear him, a funny way of reciting a sloka like a pasuram as Tamilians an irresistible sweet, soft and beautiful speech like the flow of ganges are the perfume of the sandal covered on the Lord Lakshmi Nrusimha and the fragrance of green astobotrys of the hills, where he is serving his life regularly.

All the Alwars stand in line with ecstasy when Gopala krishnamacharya swamy speaks, with Sathakopakas blowing the whisks on one side and with a melodious singing of Venkatanatha Vendanta Desikas on the other side keeps the surroundings pure. The scene will be stared by many great people like potana as the layers of water in the eyes making it dim.

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  1. srirama prasad April 6, 2013 at 3:09 am #



  2. Subrahmanyam C June 14, 2013 at 10:30 am #

    I have been enjoying his Srimad Bhagavatam in Telugu and it is just excellent. His knowledge is extraordinary and his explanation is superb.

    I love my Lord Sri Krishna and I am blessed by my Lord to listen lectures on Srimad Bhagavatam delivered by these scholars.

    Jai Sri Radhe!!!

  3. soma sekhar November 21, 2013 at 3:04 am #

    i require Dwadasa Jyotirlinga & astadasa Sakthi Peetam sthalapuranam & Build by (King) requried for study in telugu

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