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Ariyakudi Ramanuja Aiyyangar (అరియకుడి రామానుజ అయ్యంగర్)

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AriyakuDi Raamaanuja Aiyyangaar – (1890 – 1967) Simply known as AriyakuDi, he had his initial training under Pudukottai Malayappaier and later received intensive training from Namakkal Narasimha Iyengar and later from Ramanthapuram Shrinivasa Iyengar. He was an instant celebrity after he debuted at the Tyagaraja Aradhana in 1918 and started giving concerts in Madras from 1920. Despite being a traditionalist in music he was instrumental in changing the Kutchery (concert) format to what it is today. Many awards and titles came his way including Sangita Kalanidhi, Gayaka Shikhamani, Sangita Kala Shikhamani and Sangita Ratnakara. His single composition is a tillana in bilahari which is quite popular. His disciples include B.Rajam Iyer and K.V.Narayanasvami.

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