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Kakarla Tyagabrahmam (May 4, 1767 – January 6, 1847), colloquially known as Tyagaraja (Telugu: త్యాగరాజు ) and Tyagayya was one of the greatest composers of Carnatic music or classical South Indian music. He, along with his contemporaries Muthuswami Dikshitar and Shyama Shastry, forms the Trinity of Carnatic music. He was a prolific composer and highly influential in the development of the South Indian classical music tradition. Tyagaraja composed thousands of devotional compositions, most of them in praise of Lord Rama — most of which remain very popular even today. Of special mention are five of his compositions called the Pancharatna Krithis(English: ‘five gems’), which are often sung in programs in his honor.

Pancharatna kritis (పంచరత్న కృతి | पंचरत्न कृति | பஞ்சரத்ன கீர்த்தனைகள் | பஞ்சரத்ன கீர்த்தனைகள் | പഞ്ചരത്ന കൃതി)

Pancharatna kriti (Telugu: పంచరత్న కృతి (or) పంచరత్న కీర్తనలు | Sanskrit: पंचरत्न कृति | Tamil: பஞ்சரத்ன கீர்த்தனைகள் | Kannada:பஞ்சரத்ன கீர்த்தனைகள் | Malayalam: പഞ്ചരത്ന കൃതി) is a set of five songs [Sanskrit: pancha – five, ratna – gem, kritis = songs] in Carnatic classical music, composed by the 18th century Indian composer, Tyagaraja. Tyagaraja and the Pancharatna […]

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