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Cheppuloni Raayi Cheviloni Joreega (చెప్పులోని రాయి చెవిలోని జోరీగ)

Composer: Sri Kumaragiri Vema Reddy popularly known as Vemana (Telugu: వేమన), Yogi Vemana was a telugu poet. C.P. Brown, known for his research on Vemana, estimated Vemana’s birth to the year 1652. Vemana was the third and youngest son of Gaddam Vema, then king of Kondaveedu which is now in Andhra Pradesh, India.More...

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Awaiting for Contribution

Awaiting for Contribution

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This Poem was originally composed in Telugu. Other languages are for your convenience

చెప్పులోని రాయి చెవిలోని జోరీగ
కంటిలోని నలుసు కాలి ముల్లు
ఇంటిలోని పోరు నింతింత గాదయా
విశ్వదాభిరామ వినుర వేమ!


Cheppuloni Raayi Cheviloni Joreega
Kamtiloni Nalusu Kaali Mullu
Imtiloni Poru Nimtimta Gaadayaa
Visvadaabhiraama Vinura Vema!


cheppulOni raayi chevilOni jOreega
kaMTilOni nalusu kaali mullu
iMTilOni pOru niMtiMta gaadayaa
viSvadaabhiraama vinura vEma!


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2 Responses to Cheppuloni Raayi Cheviloni Joreega (చెప్పులోని రాయి చెవిలోని జోరీగ)

  1. Geetanjali November 14, 2022 at 5:45 pm #

    These beautiful poems should again be in the school curriculum.

  2. VC July 25, 2023 at 6:11 am #

    Cheppu lona rayee
    Say om, and write in your mind mean visualize.
    Chevilona joriga
    After rigorous above practice, in ears, om sound will be manifested.
    Kanti lona nalusu kaalu
    Darkness of ignorance will be burnt.

    If one doesn’t follow these technique for him

    Intilona poru intintagadaya.
    One can witness torture of own five senses of body.

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