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Kurakkukka (குரக்குக்க)

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Kurakkukka (குரக்குக்க)
Primary Deity: Kuntaleswara (குன்டலெஸ்வர, அபரத க்ஷமெஸ்வர)
also known as Aparadha Kshameswara
Consorts: Kuntalambika (குன்டலம்பிக)

Travel base, Address references
Located at: Kurakkukka
Near: Mayiladuturai
Travelbase: Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu, India

Related temples
– located nearby is 1207 – Pullirukkuvelur, Vaidya Naatha

Legends and Notes
– Legend has it that Hanuman worshipped Shiva seeking pardon for the offence of having tried to uproot the Shivalingam at Rameswaram. Shiva (Aparadha Kshameswarar) is said to have blessed Hanuman at Karuppariyalur, and Hanuman is believed to have built a temple for Shiva at Kurakkukka nearby

– It is said that a pack of monkeys enter the sanctum in the summer months of Chittirai and Vaikasi make offerings of flowers to the deity even today

Other Information
This temple is considered to be Siva Sthalam

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