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List of Monuments of National Importance in Assam, India


This is a list of Monuments of National Importance (ASI) as officially recognized by the Archaeological Survey of India in the Indian state Assam.57 Monuments of National Importance have been recognized by the ASI in Assam.

S. NoDescriptionLocationDistrictImage
N-AS-1Cachari Ruins:
1. A small unfinished dwelling house
2. Baradwari
3. East wall
4. Singh Darwazam
5. Temple of Ranahandi and 7&8 two small temples
6. Shan Mandir
N-AS-2IdgahRangamati HillDhubri
N-AS-3Rangamati MosqueRangamati HillDhubri
N-AS-4Sri Suryapahar RuinsDasabhuja DevasthanGoalpara
N-AS-5Monument over the grave of Mr. B.J.StowGoalparaGoalpara
N-AS-6Tomb of Lt. CresswellGoalparaGoalpara
N-AS-7Ancient Caves/TombsJogighopaBogaigaon
N-AS-8Monoliths, Kasomari PatharKasomari PatharGolaghat
N-AS-9Sivadol, NeghritingNeghritingGolaghat
N-AS-10Carvings, Inscriptions and pillar on the Urvasi IslandGuwahatiKamrup
N-AS-11Rock-cut sculptures representing Vishnu JanardanGuwahatiKamrup
N-AS-12Stone inscription inside the "Poa Mecca Mosque"HajoKamrup
N-AS-13Sri Kedar TempleHajoKamrup
N-AS-14Sri Genesh TempleHajoKamrup
N-AS-15Sri Kameswar TempleHajoKamrup
N-AS-16Duargarila Rock inscriptionKamakhya HillKamrup
N-AS-17Rock-cut figures:
1. Dancing Bhairava
2. Figures of Ganesa-2
3. Figure of Narakasur
4. Four-handed Bhairavi
5. Miniature Sikhara Shrine
6. Sivalingas - 12
7. Stone Gateway
8. Two-handed Bhairavi
Kamakhya HillKamrup
N-AS-18Rock-cut templeMaibongNorth Cachar Hill
N-AS-19Two inscribed stones: on the treaty between the Dimasa King (Naranarayan) and the Ahom King.MaibongNorth Cachar Hill
N-AS-20Bolosaon Group monolithsNorth Cachar HillsNorth Cachar Hills
N-AS-21Derebara Group monolithsNorth Cachar HillsNorth Cachar Hills
N-AS-22Khartong Group of monolithsNorth Cachar HillNorth Cachar Hill
N-AS-23Kobak Group monolithsNorth Cachar HillsNorth Cachar Hills
N-AS-24Group of four MaidamsCharaideoSibsagar
N-AS-25Ahom Raja's PalaceGarhgaonSibsagar
N-AS-26Vishnudol, GaurisagarGaurisagarSibsagar
N-AS-27Devidol, GaurisagarGaurisagarSibsagar
N-AS-28Sivadol, GaurisagarGaurisagarSibsagar
N-AS-29Gaurisagar Tank, GaurisagarGaurisagarSibsagar
N-AS-30Vishnudol, JoysagarJoysagarSibsagar
N-AS-31Devidol, JoysagarJoysagarSibsagar
N-AS-32Ghanashyam's houseJoysagarSibsagar
N-AS-33Golaghar or Magzine HouseJoysagarSibsagar
N-AS-34Kareng Ghar of the Ahom KingsJoysagarSibsagar
N-AS-35Rang Ghar PavilionsJoysagarSibsagar
N-AS-36Sivadol, JoysagarJoysagarSibsagar
N-AS-37Rangnathdol, MetekaMetekaSibsagar
N-AS-38Vishnudol, SibsagarSibsagarSibsagar
N-AS-40Eight Cannons of the Ahom period on the bank of the Sibsagar tank, SibsagarSibsagarSibsagar
N-AS-42Bordol temple, Bishwanath,BishwanathSonitpur
N-AS-43Grave of Lt. Lewis Van Sadan, BishwanathBishwanathSonitpur
N-AS-44Grave of Lt. Thomas Kennedy, BishwanathBishwanathSonitpur
N-AS-45Rock known as "Sakreswar on the Island Umatumani , BishwanathBishwanathSonitpur
N-AS-46Rock Known as "Bishwanath" Sivalinga", BishwanathBishwanathSonitpur
N-AS-47Dhandi temple, N.C. KamdayalN.C. KamdayalSonitpur
N-AS-48Ruins, Singri HillSingri HillSonitpur
N-AS-49Masonry remains on the Bamuni Hills, TezpurTezpurSonitpur
N-AS-50Mound and ruins of the stone temple, Dahparbatia,DahparbatiaSonitpur
N-AS-51Rock Inscription on the bank of the Brahmaputra, TezpurTezpurSonitpur
N-AS-52Sculptures in the Chummery compound, TezpurTezpurSonitpur
N-AS-53Hayagriva Madhava Temple, HazoHazoKamrup
N-AS-54Gun of the Emperor Sher Shah , SadiaSadiaTin Sukhia
N-AS-55Two Swivel guns belonging to the Mughal Nawwara, SadiaSadiaTin Sukhia
N-AS-56Swami Nigamananda's Shanti Ashram on bank of river Brahmaputra, Jorhat, Assam.Jorhat (Kokilamukh)Sibsagar
N-AS-57Kaziranga National Park, Assam.KoharaGolaghat
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