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List of Monuments of National Importance in Orissa, India

This is a list of Monuments of National Importance (ASI) as officially recognized by the Archaeological Survey of India in the Indian state Orissa. 78 Monuments of National Importance have been recognized by the ASI in Orissa.

N-OR-1Chausatti Jogini temple together with three minor shrinesJharialBolangir
N-OR-2Ruined fortressAgrahat, Bandals, Chaudar, Chhatisa, Govind Jew, Patna, Jaj, Bhariab, Kapaleswar, Kedareswar, MundmalCuttack
N-OR-3Ruins of the Buddhist temples and imagesBandareswarCuttack
N-OR-4Bhubaneswar Mahadev templeBhabanipur (Balia Taluk)Cuttack
N-OR-5Hill containing many valuable sculptures, images and inscriptions, etc., of Buddhistic age. On the top, there is a math and a small temple of MahakalChandiaCuttack
N-OR-6Ancient monuments of Barabati Fortress and the ruins and remains of all ancient edifices, gateways, etc., save the mosqueCuttackCuttack
N-OR-7Churangarh Fort locally known as Sarangarh, excluding the area acquired by the State GovernmentDadhapatnaCuttack
N-OR-8Four colossal images in the compound of Jajpur the sub-divisional Officers Quarters, namely :
1) Chamunda, 2) Indrani, 3) Kalijuga, 4) Varahi
N-OR-9Three Buddhist imagesJajpurCuttack
N-OR-10Ruins of Buddhist temples and imagesNaltigiri (Lalitagiri )Cuttack
N-OR-11Hill containing many valuable sculptures and imagesRatnagiriCuttack
N-OR-12Mahratta bridge lacally known as the Atharnulla (eighteen arches bridge) and also as Tentulimal bridgeSiriapurCuttack
N-OR-13Monolith called Chandeswar PillarSiriapurCuttack
N-OR-14Simhanatha Mahadeva templeSimhanatha Pitha, Mauza GopinathpurCuttack
N-OR-15Pancha Pandava templeGaneswarpurCuttack
N-OR-16Durga templeBaideswarCuttack
N-OR-17Ancient site at BaneswaranasiPadamal PattanaCuttack
N-OR-18Mahimamani TempleRagadi (Banki)Cuttack
N-OR-19Ancient site at ChowdarChowdarCuttack
N-OR-20Bringesvara Mahadeva templeBajrakotDhenkanal
N-OR-21Rock-cut VishnuRasolDhenkanal
N-OR-22Gangadharaswami templeKottakollaGanjam
N-OR-23Jagdiswaraswami templeKottakollaGanjam
N-OR-24Bhima templeMahendragiriGanjam
N-OR-25Kunti templeMahendragiriGanjam
N-OR-26Yudhistra templeMahendragiriGanjam
N-OR-27Asoka rock inscriptions at JaugadaPandyaGanjam
N-OR-28Prehistoric sitesBaidyapurMayur Bhanj
N-OR-29Ruins of ancient fortHaripurgarhMayur Bhanj
N-OR-30Prehistoric sitesKuchaiMayur Bhanj
N-OR-31Prehistoric sitesKulianaMayur Bhanj
N-OR-32Paintings on the rock locally known as Ravana Chhaya and other ancient monuments and remainsSitabhanjiKeonjhar
N-OR-33Ancient site of Asurgarh fortAsurgarhKalahandi
N-OR-34Temple of Nilamadhava and SidheswaraGandharadhiPhulbani
N-OR-35Paschima Samnatha, Bhubanesvara and Kapilesvara templesBaudhPhulbani
N-OR-36Bhaskareswar templeBaragarhPuri
N-OR-37Brahmeswar temple with its minar shrines in the compoundBaragarhPuri
N-OR-38Nabakeswar TempleBaragarhPuri
N-OR-39Rameswar TempleBaragarhPuri
N-OR-40Magheswar temple with its minar shrineBesuaghaiPuri
N-OR-41Ananta Vasudeva TempleBhubaneswarKhurda
N-OR-42Bakeswar templeBhubaneswarKhurda
N-OR-43Chitrakarni templeBhubaneswarKhurda
N-OR-44Jameswar Temple with its minar shrineBhubaneswarKhurda
N-OR-45Lord Lingraj Temple with all the minar temples in the compound namely :
1. Amania well, 2. Astmurti 3. Chandeswar Deb, 4. Gopaluni temple 5. Ladukeswar temple 6. Parbati temple, 7. Sabitri Devi temple 8. Sakreswar temple, 9. Sathidosi temple
N-OR-46Maitreswar temple with all the minar temples in the compoundBhubaneswarKhurda
N-OR-47Makareswar temple with its minarBhubaneswarKhurda
N-OR-48Markandeswar templeBhubaneswarKhurda
N-OR-49Mukteswar temple with its minar shrines but excluding the Murich Kunda.BhubaneswarKhurda
N-OR-50Paramguru templeBhubaneswarKhurda
N-OR-51Papnasini TankBhubaneswarKhurda
N-OR-52Parsurameswar templeBhubaneswarKhurda
N-OR-53Raja Rani templeBhubaneswarKhurda
N-OR-54Sahasralinga TankBhubaneswarKhurda
N-OR-55Sari DeulBhubaneswarKhurda
N-OR-56Sidheswar templeBhubaneswarKhurda
N-OR-57Sisiresvara templeBhubaneswarKhurda
N-OR-58Varahi templeBhubaneswarKhurda
N-OR-59Rock inscription of the edicts of Asoka and the sculpture of elephantDhauliKhurda
N-OR-60Small rock cut cell with a niche and an inscription of SantikaraDhauliKhurda
N-OR-61Chausath Yogini temple[2] known as Mahamaya templeHirapurPuri
N-OR-62All ancient caves, structures and other monuments or remains situated on the Udaygiri and the Khandagiri hills (also: Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves) except the temple of Parasnath on the top of the Khandagiri hill and also the temple in front of the Barabhuji and the Trisula CavesJagmaraPuri
N-OR-63Konark Sun TempleKonarkPuri
N-OR-64Bridge of eighteen openings over the Madhupur stream known as Athara Nala Bridge.PuriPuri
N-OR-65Shri Jagannath Temple (built in 1161, Kalinga Architecture stile) and subsidiary shrines.PuriPuri
N-OR-66Daksha Prajapati templeRaghunathpurPuri
N-OR-67Ancient remains inside and outside the rampartSisupalgarhPuri
N-OR-68Vikramkhol rock inscriptionsVikramkhoSambalpur
N-OR-69Dharma Mahakal TempleRatnagiriJajpur
N-OR-70Jagannath TempleJajpur TownJajpur
N-OR-71Trilochaneswar TempleJajpur TownJajpur
N-OR-72Varahanatha TempleJajpur TownJajpur
N-OR-73Buddhist site (excavated)UdaigiriJajpur
N-OR-74Ancient Buddhist Site, Langudi Hill,Mauza Panimuhani, Fazilpur & Salipur,.Jajpur
N-OR-75Kapileswar Mahadev TempleHatuariDhenkanal
N-OR-76Chandrasekhar Temple ( Group of Monuments and Ancient Steps )Yogapitha KapilasDhekanal
N-OR-77Annakoteswar TempleLatadeipurDhenkanal
N-OR-78Anantsayi VishnuSarangDhekanal
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