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Marimutta Pillai

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Marimutta Pillai – Born in Tillaividangan near Cidambaram to a Shaivite family in 1712 A.D., he was a great Tamil composer. His father was Deivangal Perumal PiLLai. Even at an early age, he composed beautiful songs in Tamil, then married and had 3 sons. The eldest, named after his grandfather, composed a prabandam “Umaiyaval Maalai” at the age of 12, and then became so devout he left home. Marimutta PiLLai prayed to Lord NaTaraaja (lord of dance) that his son would return, and the Lord assured him he would return if he composed a prabandham in praise of Cidambaram. The composer hurried to the temple the next morning, prayed with great devotion and composed the famous “Puloyoor vennba”(Puliyoor is another name for Cidambaram). His son soon returned.

He has many other compositions, and 50 songs on Lord NaTaraaja – only 25 of which are now available. His writing is in refined and clear Tamil. Some are in an affectionate but sarcastic style. His songs usually have many caraNams, each presenting a new idea, each in the same tune. In his song “Orukkaal shiva cidambaram” (aarabi, aadi), he says that you only need to utter the name of Shiva Cidambaram once to attain salvation. In “kaalai tooki ninraaDum deivamE” (yadukula kaambhOji, aadi), celestial beings like Nandi and Naaradar play musical instruments like the yaazh or maddalam (see instruments). In “Edukku ittanai mOditaan unakku endanmElayya” (shuruTTi, roopakam), he begs Lord NaTaraaja not to be hurt by his sarcastic language. Many stories are connected to those of Shiva (ShivapuraaNam).

Marimutta PiLLai was a contemporary of Arunaacala Kavi. His most recent descendant T.V. Meikandar still holds some of his songs. Marimutta PiLLai died in 1787 A.D.

Temple Mudra: Tillai, Cidambaram, TEn kailaasam, ponnaambalam, bhoolOga kailaasam, puliyoor

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