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Panchapakesha Aiyyar (பன்காபகேஷ ஆஇய்யர்)

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A.S. PancaapakEsha Aiyyar – (born 1916) Panchapakesha Iyer is the younger brother of Alattur Shrinivasa Iyer, one of the two famous “Alattur Brothers.” His musical training was naturally from his older brother and also from Mayavaram Rajam Iyer. He was attached to Kalakshetrain Adyar and provided vocal support for Rukmini Devi Arundale. Later he was Principal of Rasika Ranjani Sabha Music School for 30 years. Moving on to Mumbai he assumed the principalship of Bharatiya Music and Arts Society of Music College. He has written a number of books on music in English and Tamil which are in popular use for musical instruction and has a few compositions to his credit.

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