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Shiva Temple (శివ దేవాలయం) Keesaragutta, 30-km From Hyderabad City

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Shiva Temple

Location : Keesaragutta, 30-km From Hyderabad City

Presiding Deity : Lord Shiva

Main Festivity : Shivaratri

About The Temple :

30-km from the city of Hyderabad is a village called Keesara, where there is famous temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is called “Ramalingesvara temple”. Beside are ruined shrines of the 5th century AD of northern Gupta design.

All over and around the rocky granite dome of Keesara, there are meter – high stone Lingas. The Linga or the phallic symbol is an ancient abstract symbol of life and fertility. It is invariably set in a base signifying the ‘Yoni’ or the womb.

The Festivity
During Shivaratri, long lines of people stand in queues to enter the main temple. Several people perform pujas at one of the huge lingams all over the place. At the foot of the hill a carnival atmosphere prevails. Bright lights in the pitch-dark moonless night livens up the scene.


Tourists can take buses or taxis from Hyderabad.r, Khammam and some other districts.

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