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Soorya Kalady Maha Ganapathy Temple (സൂര്യ കാലടി മഹാ ഗണപതി കോവില്‍) Nattassery, Kottayam

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Soorya Kalady Maha Ganapathy Temple

Location : Nattassery, Kottayam

About The Temple :

It is known that in a shrine in the eastern side of the Surya Kalady Mana sits Sri Maha Ganapathy giving all prosperities to and removing all hurdles of this family. Differing from the normal shape here, Genapathy sits with ten hands and his wife ‘Vibhodhi’. The Ganapathy in this temple have daily poojas and Ganapathy Homam etc in a different method and secrecy which is very holy and rare.

Surya Kalady Brahma Rakshas – The ancient scholar of this family should be remembered for the origin of the name Surya Kalady connecting to the Surya (Sun). The eminent and efficient scholar in Manthra thanthras (rituals) prayed God sun and studied ‘Mathra Vidya’ from him and persuaded his name Surya to be with ‘Kaladimana’ always, thus the name reformed to ‘Suryakaladi Mana’. Every day this scholar is respected with poojas and considered as ‘Brahma rakshas Moorthy’. Thiruvitharnkoor Devaswam Board give Palpayasam Nivedyam to this idol every day.

Vinayaka Chathurthi – ‘Sukla Paksha Chathurthy’ day of month ‘Chingam’ is very important for Surya Kalady Maha Ganapathy. Festival ceremonies starts days before and on the same day all who come to this temple are treated as. ‘Ganapathy’ ladies as ‘Vynayaki’ and children as ‘Bala Ganapathy’. After ‘Kalasabhishekam’ of noon pooja. there will be ‘Maha Prasadamoottu’ which is known as ‘Ganapathy Prathal’ (Oottu, Prathal- feeding). On this day we can enter and pray in the temple all time.

Special days – Daily Mahagan-apathy homam, poojas, Pushpanjalies and Nivedyam (libation) are done in this temple. On behalf of deciples Udayasthamana pooja, Kalasabhisheka and 18 poojas are also conducted as offering. ‘Single Appam and Ganapathy homam are the main offering. On attaining the rare wishes of the person offering like Karuka garland Mukutti garland and Homam with Karuka, Mukkutti, ‘Palpayasa Homam’ etc and done daily. ‘Kunkuma Kalasabhishekam, Pushpabhishekam etc are also offered by the disciples. It is believed that marriage will be happened if the person pluck Mukkutti and offer it on the door of Ganapathy after bathing in river Meenachil which flows side to this mana (Illom).

Suryakalady Maha Ganapathi Temple, Nattassery, Kottayam – 686 006, Ph: 0481-2312089, Mob: 94472 23569 Fax: 0481-2312089

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