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Swaamy Dayaananda Saraswati (श्र्वाम्य दयानन्द सरस्वती)

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Swaamy Dayaananda Saraswati – Swami Dayananda Saraswati is a traditional teacher of Vedanta and an eminent scholar of Sankrit. He was born in a traditional family on the 15th August 1930 in a village in Thanjavur District, the actual hub of Tamilnadu. He came under the influence of spiritual purohit when he was 22 years. He took to the life of renunciation in 1962 after six years of service to his guru Swami Chinmayanada. Later he learnt the intricacies of Vedanta from Sri Swami Pranavananda of Gudrwada. Further he studied in Brahmasutras the analytical book of Vedanta, under the guidance of a great scholar Sri Swami Tarnanda Giri.

Swamiji has established three institutions of learning and culture; two in India and one in the USA. In 1990, he established a Gurukulam at Anaikatti near Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, India where resident students undergo a course of study of Vedanta and Sanskrit for a duration varying from a three and half years to three months. The second institution in India is Swami Dayananda Ashram at Rishikesh, established in 1986, that serves as a retreat centre and a place for pursuing further study under the guidance of learned Teachers. The Arsha Vidya Gurukulam in the USA is situated at Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania and services as a retreat center of learning and culture in the West.

Through long-term residential courses in Vedanta and Sanskrit conducted by him in the above institutions, he has also created many teachers of Vedanta who can also communicate clearly in English and their regional languages. He has conducted six such courses so far and each course has graduated about 670 teachers, four of them in India and two in the USA. These teachers who have studied with him have formed their own centres of learning all over the world. Each one of them is a scholar in his/her own right and represents the true tradition of Vedanta. This is his most significant contribution to Vedanta.

In the current century, the style of teaching of most of the traditional scholars was not in a form that could be easily understood and assimilated by a modern mind. On the other hand those who claim to be modern teachers taught what was not true to the tradition. This is the gap that Swamiji has bridged so well. Though his sort term courses and his lectures world over since 1976, Swamiji has made this knowledge of the Upanishads available to every modern thinking person. His tireless and skillful unfoldment of the scriptural texts has touched the lives of thousands of seekers around the world. Swamiji has conducted many seminars to Management Executives throughout India such as Coal India Ltd., Nagarjuna Group, Ramco Group, ONGC etc.

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