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Thrippallavoor Mahadeva Temple (ത്രിപ്പല്ലവൂര്‍ മഹാദേവ കോവില്‍) Thrippallavoor, Palakkad

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Thrippallavoor Mahadeva Temple

Location : Thrippallavoor, Palakkad

About the Temple :

Thrippallavoor Mahadeva Temple, twenty kilometers from palakkad, via Alathur – Kunissery. ( meenam, thiruvathira arattu ) appam, chathussatham are the offerings. It is believed that the idol was made up of Rudraksha Sila, and consecrated by Khara Maharshi. One of the biggest temple of palakkad and having granite wall 18 feet height. Sivan facing west and parvathy facing east in sree kovil ( Pallavoor, the pancha vadya experts are the employees of this temple). Devaswom rest house also provided here.

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