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Tirukkadavur (திருக்கடவுர்)

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Tirukkadavur (திருக்கடவுர்)
Primary Deity: Amritaghateswara (அம்ரிடக்ஹடெஸ்வர)
Consorts: Abhirami (அபிரமி)

Travel base, Address references
Located at:
Near: Mayiladuturai
Travelbase: Mayiladuturai, Tamil Nadu, India

– near Kumbhakonam
– on the road linking Mayiladuturai and Tarangampaadi

Legends and Notes
– Markandeya the 16 year old youth was saved from the clutches of death (Yama) by Shiva

– The Shivalingam is hailed as a manifestation of the celestial nectar which was obtained by the Devas (and Asuras) upon churning the milky ocean, hence the name Amritaghateswarar

– The Shankhabhishekam (abhishekam with a conch) is of great importance here (as mentioned in Deekshitar’s kriti) , in keeping with the belief that Markandeya had performed this form of worship; and the mandapam associated with this is the Shankhu mandapam

– Kaalasamhaaramurthy is the fierce form of Shiva, believed to have saved Markandeya from the clutches of Yama (Bhayankara Ghora Roopa – Yama Niigrahanugraha)

– One of the 8 Veeratta Stalams. Others being Tiruvatikai [Siva Stalam 5], Tirukkurukkai [Siva Stalam 104], Tiruvazhuvur [Siva Stalam ], Tirukkovalur [Siva Stalam 124], Tiruppariyalur [Siva Stalam 191], Tirukkandiyur [Siva Stalam 68] and Tiruvirkudi [Siva Stalam 259].

– The conquest of Yama is acknowledged through celebration of 60th & 80th birth anniversaries by hundreds of pilgrims here

Other Information
This temple is considered to be Siva Sthalam, Veeratta Stalams

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