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Tirupati Naryana Swami (తిరుపతి నారాయణ స్వామి)

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Tirupati Naryana Swami Tirupati Naryana Swami

Tirupati Naryana Swami Trained by his mother Komalamma in vocal music, he later learnt Vina from Kalahasti Venkataswami Raju. The family hailed from Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, and hence his compositions are in Telugu and are mostly devotional. A highly versatile personality, he was a vocalist, vainika, violinist and Harikatha performer. He was also a composer of class, with simple, beautifuly compositions that evoke the essence of the raga in a few choice phrases. They were popularised to quite an extent by his nephew and disciple, Narasimhalu Naidu, who was also a guru of D.K. Pattamal.

He was also known as Thirupathi Narayanaswamy Naidu or Tirupati Vidhyala Narayanaswami. Among his popular compositions are the popular jaavali `vagaladi’ in behaag, “parakela” in natakurinji, and “sari evvare” in sahaana. His descendant K. V. Subramanyam, a school teacher, was instrumental in forming the Tyagaraja festival at Tirupati.

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