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Kottaiyur (கொட்டியுர் or வில்வரன்யம் or ஹெரன்ட புரம் or கொடிஸ்வரம்)

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Kottaiyur (கொட்டியுர் or வில்வரன்யம் or ஹெரன்ட புரம் or கொடிஸ்வரம்)
Traditionally known as Vilvaranyam. Also known as Heranda Puram, Kodeeswaram

Primary Deity: Koteeswara (கொடிஸ்வர)
Consorts: Kanduka Kreedambika (கன்டுக க்ரிடம்பிக)

Travel base, Address references
Located at:
Near: Kumbhakonam
Travelbase: Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India

Legends and Notes
– The Shivalingam here is said to have merged from a castor seed, hence Kottaiyur, Herandapuram;also the Shivalingam is believed to be composed of several Shivalingam, hence Koteeswarar. Atreya rishi (also known as Heranda muni) performed penances here, hence Heranda muni. Heranda muni who descended into the Kaveri at Tiruvalanchuzhi, emerged out here, hence the connection between the shrines.

– Vinayakar here is Kotivinayakar. Kotivinayakar image is composed of several Vinayaka

– Good deeds committed here are said to multiply several fold in value

– Considered greater than Kasi !

Other Information
This temple is considered to be Siva Sthalam

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