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List of Monuments of State Importance in Chhattisgarh, India

This is a list of State Protected Monuments as officially reported by the Archaeological Survey of India in the Indian state Chhattisgarh. 58 State Protected Monuments have been recognized by the ASI in Chhattisgarh.

S-CT-1Gudiyari TempleBastar
S-CT-2Shiva TempleBastar
S-CT-3Ancient Brick MoundsBastar
S-CT-4Buddha's Statue at Ancient moundBastar
S-CT-5Shiva TempleBastar
S-CT-6Shiva TempleBastar
S-CT-7Mahamaya TempleBilaspur
S-CT-8Ancient TempleBilaspur
S-CT-9Devrai-jaithani Temple(Tala)Bilaspur
S-CT-10Dhumnath TempleBilaspur
S-CT-11Shiva TempleBilaspur
S-CT-12Battisa templeDantewara
S-CT-13Karneswar Mahadev Group of TempleDhamtir
S-CT-14Nagdev TempleDurg
S-CT-15Bahadur Kalarin's MachiDurg
S-CT-16Vishnu TempleDurg
S-CT-17Shiva TempleDurg
S-CT-18Megalithic MonumentDurg
S-CT-19Megalithic MonumentDurg
S-CT-20Ghughusraja TempleDurg
S-CT-21Madhiyapat Temple (Ruined Temple)Durg
S-CT-22Kapileswar Shiva Temple Group and BaoriDurg
S-CT-23Shiva TempleDurg
S-CT-24Kukurdev TempleDurg
S-CT-25Megalithic Monument at KarahibhadarDurg
S-CT-26Megalithic Monument at KarakabhatDurg
S-CT-27Megalithic Monument at MujgahanDurg
S-CT-28Shiva Temple Chaturbhuji TempleDurg
S-CT-29Ancient TempleDurg
S-CT-30Shiva TempleDurg
S-CT-31Shiva TempleDurg
S-CT-32Lakshamaneswar TempleJaanjagir-Champa
S-CT-33Bhoramdev TempleKavardha
S-CT-34Cherki MahalKavardha
S-CT-35Mandava MahalKavardha
S-CT-36Bajarangbali TempleKavardha
S-CT-37Grave of three kabir panthi'sKorba
S-CT-38Anand Prabhu Kuti BiharMahasamund
S-CT-39Swastik ViharMahasamund
S-CT-40Jaganath TempleMahasamund
S-CT-42Kuleshwar TempleRaipur
S-CT-43Shiva TempleRaipur
S-CT-44Shiva Temple (Shideshwar Temple)Raipur
S-CT-45Chitawari Devi TempleRaipur
S-CT-46Malavali Devi TmpleRaipur
S-CT-47Ancient Brick TempleRaipur
S-CT-48Ancient Bhagan TempleRaipur
S-CT-49Phikeswarnath Mahadev TempleRaipur
S-CT-50Shiva TempleRaipur
S-CT-51Shiva Temple,GhatiyarRajnandgaon
S-CT-52Ruined Temple(Near Shala Bhavan)Sarguja
S-CT-53Shiva TempleSarguja
S-CT-54Deur TempleSarguja
S-CT-55Ruined Temple (Near Rani Talab)Sarguja
S-CT-56Devi Temple (Cherika Deur)Sarguja
S-CT-57Group of Satmahala TempleSarguja
S-CT-58Shiva TempleSarguja
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