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Tirukkudamookku (திருக்குடமுக்கு or மன்ட்ர பிதம்)

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Tirukkudamookku (திருக்குடமுக்கு or மன்ட்ர பிதம்)
Traditionally known as Mantra Peetham.
Primary Deity: Kumbeswara (கும்பெஸ்வர, அமுத கும்பெஸ்வர, , அடி கும்பெஸ்வர)
also known as Amudha Kumbheswara, Aadi Kumbheswara Consorts: Mangala Nayaki (மன்கல னயகி)

Travel base, Address references
Located at: Kumbhakonam
Travelbase: Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India

Related temples
– Kudandaikaaronam, Kasi Viswanatha
– Tirukudandaikeezhkottam, Nageswara Swamy
– Tirukkudandai, Sarangapani

Legends and Notes
– During the great deluge, it is believed that Shiva caused the Amrita Kalasam (the pot holding the divine nectar) to stall here. This shrine is said to have been established built and consecrated by Bhrama

– Kumbeswara is represented as a Shivalingam fashioned out of earth – (said to have been made by Shiva in the guise of a hunter – Kirata Murthy). Shiva is also known as Amudha Kumbhesa and Amudheesa

– The Kumbariya Vinayaka shrine is situated near the tank, while Aadi Vinayaka is worshipped in the temple

– The major Shivastalams in Kumbhakonam are the Kumbheswarar Temple, Kudandaikkaronam, and the Nageswarar Temple (Kudandaikkeezhkottam)

– Other temples in Kumbhakonam include the Ramaswamy temple and the Vaishnava Divya Desam Sarangapani temple

– The Saptastanams of Kumbeswarar are Kalayanallur [Siva Sthalam 77], Valanjuzhi [Siva Sthalam 244], Darasuram, Swamimalai, Kottiayur [Siva Sthalam 112], Melaikkaveri and Kumbhakonam

Other Information
This temple is considered to be Sapta Stanams, Siva Sthalam

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