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Tirukudandaikeezhkottam (திருகுடன்டிகிழ்கொட்டம் or வில்வ வனம்)

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Tirukudandaikeezhkottam (திருகுடன்டிகிழ்கொட்டம் or வில்வ வனம்)
Traditionally known as Vilva Vanam.
Primary Deity: Nageswara Swamy (னகெஸ்வர ஸ்வம்ய்)
Consorts: Periya Nayaki (பெரிய னயகி)

Travel base, Address references
Located at:
Near: Kumbhakonam
Travelbase: Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India

Related temples
– located in same town is 1097 – Tirukkudamookku, Kumbeswara

Legends and Notes
– Surya is said to have worshipped here to regain his lost splendour. The temple tank is also known as Surya Theertham

– Also known as Vilvavanam, it is believed that a vilva leaf from the pot carrying the celestial nectar (associated with the Kumbheswarar temple) had drifted away and landed here

– Aadi Seshan is said to have worshipped here and Shiva is said to have blessed him with the might to bear the weight of the earth here

– This Shiva Sthalam is a grand temple in the temple town of Kumbhakonam and is known for its grand shrine to Nataraja

Other Information
This temple is considered to be Sapta Stanams, Siva Sthalam

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