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Trichambaram Sree Krishna Temple (ത്രിച്ചംബരം ശ്രീ കൃഷ്ണ കോവില്‍) Taliparamba, Kannur

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Trichambaram Sree Krishna Temple

Location : Taliparamba, Kannur

About The Temple :

Trich~baram temple situates in Taliparamba of Kannur District. Main deity is Sree Krishna after the Kamsavadham (after the killing of Kamsa the King and uncle of Sreekrishna). The Krishna is supposed to be very hungry and so Nivedhyam (feeding) is done soon after opening the door of shrine. There is an old saying ‘open the sanctum sanctorum with food in one hand’. In the olden days rice of previous day was offered. After feeding Abhishekam is done. Since Trichambaram Sreekrishna sits in Raudra style (ferocious) it is believed not to worship him during dawn. The Bali bimbam in the temple is of Child Krishna and also believed Parasurama did the installation and suggested the poojas, festival styles, etc. It is believed that to reduce the seriousness of Siva of Taliparamba Raja Rajeswara temple this Krishna is placed here, facing east with three pooj as daily. Kambrathillam do the tantries. Sub deity Vishak Senan is facing south. The famous saint Sambaran has done ‘Thapassu'(meditation) in this temple and thus the name ‘Trichambaram’ came to this temple. Festival is from 22nd of Kumbam to 6th of Meenam. No elephants are allowed for the festival. Balaraman from Mazhoor temple will come here on Kumbam 22nd. On his way he should not see any elephants. Till Meenam 2nd there will be ‘thidambu dance’ and race in Pookothu gate, 3rd is holiday, on 4th procession around the village, on 5th Arattu in the Chira (small pond), on 6th the brothers Krishna and Balarama join together and say farewell. This scene is made touching by repeated joinings and farewells accompanied by sorrowfull musical instruments. At last by showing milk: Krishna will be attracted the temple. This is a rare proceeding which do not have any other temples. It is believed Devaki and Vasudev (parents of Krishna and Balarama) come to attend this festival.
Trichambaram Sree Krishna Temple, Taliparamba, Kannur, Kerala – 670 141, Ph: 0460 2201022.

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